Our Review Guidelines

KC Critique has a guideline established for choosing a place to review and what we will/will not include in the review.  Here are some of those guidelines:

  • We will not review an establishment that has been opened for less than 45 days.  We understand it takes a little time for the restaurant staff to be properly trained and the growing pains that come with it.
  • Our reviews will always be done by (2) two or more people up to a maximum of (6) six.
  • We will never call out an establishment’s employee by name.  The exception to this rule is if we have exceptional service and want to recognize the staff member by name but we would always get their permission before publishing their name.
  • We will not perform a review on an establishment more than (1) one time every (6) six months.
  • We normally choose the places we want to review but are open to suggestions from our readers.  If the owners or management of an establishment want us to perform a review, it will be done anonymously. 
  • KC Critique focuses on the KC Metro area so we can provide our friends and neighbors a resource to go to when deciding where to go.

If you have any questions, wish to share some feedback or have an place you would like us to review, please email critic@kccritique.com.      ​​​​​​​